A woman’s longshot on what men are about.

Men. I’ve met a few of those.

There are those who talk; those who listen. There are those who just won’t let you reach them.

All of them come with a story; like us all.

They tell their story through the way they move your heart.

There are those who talk to you straight to the eyes. Who put the tray back where it was. Those who greet the cleaning staff. Those who open the doors. Those who smile.

There are those who dance with you, even though they don’t know how to; they’ll sing for you, even though they have no voice; they will be there, even when they’re far away.

There are those who are friends, those who are lovers, those who are strangers. There are those who are all these things at once.

There are those who work with patience, and grow a strong and fruitful tree of love. There are those who go through your hair, like a cool and ephemeral breeze in the afternoon.

There are those who lock you and leave you alone in the deep of the night.

There are those man who just don’t care. They don’t mind if you’re having a nephew, or if you can’t stand the pressure; they won’t do anything for free. They will not share; they will just say what you want to hear.

There are those who want just so much more than you can give. But they can’t take what you have to offer. Those who want to take from you what you don’t want them to have.

There are those who will burn a cigarette on your arm, those who’ll put your belt around your neck and tighten. Those who are cold.

There are those who offer to hold your hand, and dance until it’s morning, until you feel safe again. They’re like a candle, their heat is pure, and gone on the next day.

There are those who are very complicated, like women are. I don’t have a phrase for them.

There are those who don’t fit descriptions. There are men who are still very fresh; There are those who never really loved. There are those who never really listened to any stories. Yet. Their future is wide in possibilities; and narrow in details.

There are men who are just like you are. There are those who are just different.

There are men who are really open. Most of them are really not.

There are too many men in the world. There are too few of them who are real.

There are too few of them who talk, who listen. Too few of them who will let you reach them.


update october 6th:


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  1. Tom disse:

    Really, really interesting. I wouldn’t expect you’d write a text like this. Maybe I’m not a so good listener…

    It’d be nice to listen you speaking this text for see better what you felt while you wrote it.

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